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My Baby Seal

Posted in Huntington Beach by Bridget Casas on August 17, 2009


I said yesterday that I would work harder on providing a variety of photos here for you to view. Well, I tried some different techniques with today’s photograph. I do not think I have ever done a photo with the composition like this, at least not on purpose. I took over thirty photos to get this one. I tried the seal facing different directions, different apertures and shooting the image vertically. This one was my favorite. I hope you like it!


Another Part of Bella Terra

Posted in Huntington Beach by Bridget Casas on February 12, 2009

After class last night Willie and I went over to Bella Terra. I wanted to take some night photographs of a very pretty fountain that is in front. There are a lot of lights in it and reflecting in the water from the store fronts around the fountain. I like night photography and I would like to find some interesting and fun neon signs to photograph. There are none at Bella Terra. I think I need to find out who designed this fountain – I will do that.


I think of mushrooms when I see this fountain…

My friend Carol invited us to a President’s Day party on Sunday afternoon. If we don’t go up to the mountains we should be able to go. Class was good tonight – my advanced web design class. We are beginning with learning about CSS (cascading style sheets). I did good tonight and was able to follow along and do the work in class. I am still having a lot of stomach trouble. I guess I keep hoping it will go away on its own. I won’t have another class until next Tuesday. I sure hope the instructor shows up!


What a Great Looking Couple

Posted in Family, Huntington Beach, Personal, Photography by Bridget Casas on December 9, 2008

These people are part of my extended family. We finally got together last night and took photos of them with their two children. They want to use one on their Christmas cards for this year. I especially liked this one of the two of them. They are such nice people. Dave and my son Larry went to school together. We have known them for a long time and I have taken Christmas photos for them before when their daughter was a baby. Now they have a little boy too. We took the photos in front of that beautiful tree at Bella Terra Mall.


A very nice Christmas photo…

Well I got Willie’s cold – I knew it was coming last night. At least we should be all well by Christmas. I am hoping to be able to do a little shopping by the end of the week.  I received my calendars today from Shutterfly but I am not happy with them. They over saturated the colors, especially the reds. I was going to give one to Dave and Christina but I was too unhappy with them. They have done them for about 4 years. I emailed their customer service and as yet I have not heard back. Wish me luck!


First Christmas Tree of the Year

Posted in Photography by Bridget Casas on December 3, 2008

Willie and I went up to Bella Terra Mall last night to have dinner and to take some photographs. He didn’t take any because Shelley has his camera to practice with it before their trip. Anyway, they have a beautiful tree in the center of the mall. I took a previous photo there (2/365) at the beginning of my big year-long venture. There were a lot of people taking pictures – it was all very nice.  We were going to take the dogs but decided against it – wise decision!


I have some friends I will be taking a family photo of for Christmas and I am going to suggest that we go here. It will make a nice photo right next to the tree. Of course I will get a lot closer! See my new Blavatar? How did they come up with that name? Maybe Favatar would have been better! But again, no one asked me. How come they never do? Oh well, whatever it is named, it works! I think I will change my Favicon on my website to the same one here. I did a lot of errands yesterday and I will go to school tonight. Such an exciting life!


Not My Normal Orchid

Posted in Photography by Bridget Casas on November 14, 2008

I wanted to take Donnan for a little walk yesterday, so (with satellite dish and all) we went up to Bella Terra Mall. They have their Christmas decorations up already! I found a lady selling these orchids outside her store.  Aren’t the colors pretty? I love the purple and deep pink. The yellow isn’t bad either! I saw a lot of orchids at Home Depot last week-end, but they were not as pretty as these and they didn’t have as much variety.


Beautiful variety of colors…

Donnan seems to be feeling better. He got a little too playful with Kyla in the backyard and he scratched the skin above his incision. They like to stalk each other and do a lot of chasing. We have decided to only let one out at a time so that won’t happen. They are both very confused and do not understand. I have a busy day today. We are going up to Pasadena to the shop.  What will I show you tomorrow?


Bella Terra, What is Going On?

Posted in Photography by Bridget Casas on October 28, 2008

So many changes at Bella Terra Mall here in Huntington Beach. The plans that are being made do not sound very good. There are plans for condos and apartments and a lot of traffic. We only live a few blocks away so it will all affect us. We were up there yesterday and took some photos. There are two big stores, Mervyns and Shoe Pavillion that are closing and a crumbling Montgomery Wards that has been closed for more than 10 years and the owners will not sell the building. Also, Levitz closed recently so we have there big rusty sign to look at. We were up at Corner Bakery Cafe with the dogs. That part of it was very nice.

Some Sad Sites at Bella Terra

Some Sad Sites at Bella Terra

It just looks bad. I know the city wants to improve things but with the economy the way it is now and the city not doing so well at making things better, it is a sad state of affairs. A lot of businesses are closing all around town. There are a lot less cars in parking lots. People are not out shopping and I know it will be a bad holiday season for all.  I normally like to stay lite and positive, but it is hard when you see things like this and listen to the news. I will do better tomorrow – I promise! 


There Really is No Rest For Bridget!

Posted in Photography by Bridget Casas on September 23, 2008

Now it is official!  I say this pretty much describes my life! How many of us get to see our name up in neon lights?  Up at Bella Terra Mall is this women’s clothing store. However, I don’t quite understand what the name has to do with clothing. I will need to go in and ask them. They were not open when we were there.

This Says It All

This Says It All

Yesterday was the first day of Fall. It is cooling down in the evenings and the days are getting shorter.  We went up to the mall after dinner and walked around a little bit.  I had my tripod and used my telephoto lens on my camera.  I have to take a lot of photos to get one I want to use.  It was hard to balance the neon lights with the lighting on the front of the building. I was happy with this one. I hope you agree.


Bella Terra at Night! Number 2 of 365!

Posted in Photography by Bridget Casas on September 4, 2008

This is a nighttime photo taken at the middle of the Bella Terra Mall in Huntington Beach.  There are some unusual sculptures and a waterfall/fountain in the middle.  The water is at the bottom of the photo under the sculptures and falling over the bricks.  I used my tripod and the exposure time is over one second.  That is why you cannot see the water.  It was fun trying different exposures to see the image I would get.  I am happy with this one – I hope you like it.

Bella Terra Fountain/Sculpture

Bella Terra Fountain/Sculpture

I have been at my son’s house since 8:45 this morning watching a man install carpet.  I have math homework, reading and things to do for school tonight – I am taking Adobe Flash at Golden West College.  Plus, I need to do my photo for tomorrow’s post!  It is warm today, maybe I will let the dogs play in their little swimming pool – that might be a cute picture!  Till tomorrow!