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The Dogs Will Love Being in Green Valley Lake!

Posted in Canon 7D, dogs, Green Valley Lake, mountains, Photography, Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier by Bridget Casas on October 15, 2011
Canon 7D, Raw, EF-S17-55mm, 35mm, f/4.5, 1/200, 3200 ISO

These two little doggies love being able to see out the front! There is no place for them to do that here in Huntington Beach. They sneek a peak when we open the front door. We will be making our move to Green Valley Lake in a few months. There is a lot to be done to the cabin and a lot to do here. We have lived in this house for over 30 years! Anyway, this shot was difficult because of the lighting. I used a high ISO. I had to use a fast shutter because of the dogs moving and jumping around. There was a lot working against me, but I liked this one and they look cute. Kyla with her bunny tail and of course Donnan is barking. I made a few adjustments in Photoshop with levels and curves.

431 of 365

The Trees in the Forest

Posted in Photography by Bridget Casas on January 15, 2009

Here is one last photograph from our trip up to the mountains. Isn’t it pretty? The trees have such gorgeous autumn/winter colors of green and orange. There is so much snow on the ground and it is melting very slowly. I don’t know when the next storm, if any, will come and bring us some more rain down here and snow up there.


These trees were not touched by the fires…

It has been so unseasonably warm here I can’t imagine it being cold enough to snow!  But things change so fast, literally overnight!  I wasn’t feeling very good today (really it has been a few days) so I did not accomplish much. I did some research on dog trainers and checked in with Carol to see what they have found out. We will compare notes! I have to start feeling better because I have a big week-end!


A Winter Look at Green Valley Lake

Posted in Photography by Bridget Casas on January 14, 2009

I took this photograph Monday afternoon when we were getting ready to leave the mountains. The lake is totally frozen over so of course there is no fishing right now! If you look in the middle of the lake you will be able to see the platform where swimmers go in the summer and that building across the way is where you go to rent boats, get permits, etc.  There is not much going on right now! We did not let the dogs out to run around here. I do not know at what point the ice would break. This photo also shows a small inlet where there are usually boats tied up.


Shadows and textures on the frozen lake…

It was so hot in Southern California yesterday and on Monday also! It was in the 70’s and 80’s. It is being caused by the Santa Ana winds coming off the desert. A little unusual for this time of year – it is way above normal temperatures. I need to spend some time with the dogs brushing them and then giving them a bath. We will take them to the doggy spa and bathe them. I did some research today looking for a trainer for Donnan. After last Saturday with Carol’s dogs, something needs to be done!


Looking Over to Lake Arrowhead

Posted in Photography by Bridget Casas on January 13, 2009

We drove home from the mountains yesterday afternoon. It took a while to pack up the car but Willie does a good job and the dogs enjoy watching him. This is a photo I took just down the road a little from GVL. It shows all of the Lake Arrowhead area with the lake in the middle. It is a very nice mountain village. There are many stores and restaurants.  It is much, much larger than our little Green Valley Lake!


A lot of snow on the mountains by Lake Arrowhead…

I know it looks like two lakes back there but it is really only one.  I think Larry and Shelley are going up to the cabin in two weeks and we made a list of some things that they will need to take. We were at the lake at GVL earlier in the day and I realized I had not shared any pictures of it with you. The lake is very frozen and I will share at least one of the photos with you. The elevation is much higher in GVL than Lake Arrowhead. It is good to be home and I have another big week-end coming up. I will tell you all about it in a few days!


A Sunset Unlike Any Other

Posted in Photography by Bridget Casas on January 12, 2009

This sunset photo was taken way back behind our cabin far into the National Forest. It was beautiful in red, yellow and blue. Have I done a black and white sunset before? I did one once up in Santa Barbara. It is on my website and also very beautiful. I played around with this one and liked what I was seeing. I have always been a fan of black and white photography. The dogs went walking with us and really enjoyed their adventure through the forest and into the night.


Winter sunset at Green Valley Lake…

The dogs are so filthy! It will be a big job getting them clean and mat free when we get home. It is still a little windy up here. I was looking at the HB Web Cam earlier today and it looked very nice and clear. I could easily see Catalina in the distance and a lot of people on the pier. We are going to go take some more photos today and probably leave this evening to avoid traffic. I never did get my full moon photos!  I think the sunset shot makes up for it!


Not as I Expected

Posted in Personal, Photography by Bridget Casas on January 11, 2009

Yesterday did not go as I had envisioned or hoped. Carol and Bob got here at about 11:45 and left at 4:00. Between their Ali and our Donnan, it did not work. They both need to go to the Dog Whisperer’s center and learn how to become calm dogs. Talk about red zone cases! Kyla was good and wondered why they all couldn’t just be friends. Catey had no problems either; she is a very happy girl. There were no photographs just a lot of walks to try to calm down the dogs. We all decided we would work with our dogs and they will come back this summer to go fishing at the lake! So that is that for now!


Beautiful blue sky and white snow…

The WiFi is really good up here and I don’t even have to go to town to use it. I took this photo behind our cabin. It is all National Forest back there. The stumps are trees that were cut down because of the fire in October, 2007. The fire came up to 3 feet from the back of our cabin and burned down many, many cabins in the area. We were lucky, except Allstate Insurance cancelled us – they made a lot of money over the years with no claims from us! It is clouding up quite a bit outside. I think we are going to head back home on Monday. Until tomorrow…


Winter’s Icicles

Posted in Personal, Photography by Bridget Casas on January 10, 2009

We are at our cabin! We got up here early Friday evening and I went out first thing this morning and took this photo. Isn’t it pretty? It has texture, contrast, shadows, angles and movement. Many of the things a good photograph needs. It was very windy yesterday and it is still windy today. The real good thing is it will keep the sky clear tonight for the full moon photographs! I hope it works out for tonight!


Icicles melting in the morning sun…

Carol called this morning and they got a late start. They will be here probably around noon or so. I let Donnan chase a couple of squirrels this morning when I had them outside to eat. I can trust him more than Kyla. He was gone about five minutes. Kyla would be gone an hour and it would be hard to get her in the cabin. I put a towel on the couch so they can get up there and look out the front window. They do not get on the furniture at home so they do not understand! Kyla doesn’t eat much up here -nothing stops Donnan from eating! I am looking forward to a fun day of taking lots of photographs and being with friends!