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A Solarized Tree in Central Park

Posted in Canon 7D, Central Park, Huntington Beach, Photography, tree branches, trees by Bridget Casas on May 6, 2010
A Tree in Central Park

Canon 7D, Raw, 17mm, f/9, 1/800, ISO 2500

The original photo of this tree came out exactly like I wanted. I did have to do some exposure adjusting in Camera Raw, but no cropping or anything else. When I got it into Photoshop, I decided I didn’t want to show you just another tree surrounded by green grass in the park. I started playing around with different filters and settled on this to give it a black and white, high grain solarized look. What that means is, parts of the “negative” are reversed. If you look at a black and white negative and it is reversed in post processing, that is one type of solarization. Did you learn something new today?


A Light Pole in Central Park

Posted in Canon 7D, Huntington Beach, Photography by Bridget Casas on May 3, 2010
Central Park Light Pole
Canon 7D, Raw, 17mm, f/9, 1/320, ISO 200

It was such a gorgeous day and after having lunch with Larry, Shelley and Lily, Willie and I took the dogs and the camera to Central Park to go for a walk. We certainly were not the only people with that idea! I took some good photos which I will share with you. I put this one in today because Willie likes it. I like the shadow and the rust and texture on the pole, but I am having difficulty looking at it. My eye keeps going off the page. Start with the base of the pole and follow the shadow. Then go a little left at the top of the shadow and follow the trees to the pole. What happens? You go right off the page! There is nothing to lead you back down to the base and off again. Compare this image to the black and white geraniums I did last. You should be able to easily see what I am talking about. Let me know what you think of this image.


Late Afternoon at the Dog Park

Posted in Huntington Beach by Bridget Casas on November 24, 2009
Two dogs running around the dog park.

Canon 20D, Raw, f/5.6, 1/250, 145mm, Silver Efex Pro

I was trying something new with this image. It did not quite come out like I wanted it to, so I consider this an idea in progress. I used my telephoto lens with the sun behind the subjects. The dogs were running around a lot and I wanted them to kick up more dirt. This was the image that was the closest to what I wanted but not quite there. I converted it to black and white and added a vignette. I will be trying this again but I need to go a little earlier in the day.


Happy Anniversary!

Posted in Huntington Beach, Photography by Bridget Casas on September 10, 2009
Canon 20D, Raw, f10.0, 1/60, ISO 800, 31mm, Nik Pro Contrast filter

Canon 20D, Raw, f10.0, 1/60, ISO 800, 31mm, Nik Pro Contrast filter

I gave this post that name because today is our anniversary! We went for a little walk and came across this tree at the park. There is a lot of moss and some strange cuts on it. Plus it looks like it could be a space alien with those long tendrils coming out at you. No wonder Donnan barked at it!


My World Wide Moment Photograph

Posted in Huntington Beach, Photography by Bridget Casas on September 8, 2009
Canon 20D, f10.0, 1/320/ ISO 800, 31 mm, Nik Contrast Color Range Filter with a Levels Adj. and Noise Reduction

Canon 20D, f10.0, 1/320/ ISO 800, 31 mm, Nik Contrast Color Range Filter with a Levels Adj. and Noise Reduction

Today was the day for the WorldWide Moment. Willie and I went to Central Park late this afternoon to take our photographs at exactly 5:09 P.M PDT. Since the concept is to promote world peace, I thought the peacefulness of the park and people having a good time is a good representation. I am showing part of the library, a young man lying on the grass reading a book, a couple sitting on a bench talking, another couple walking, getting exercise and a man riding his bike. I think this photo shows what I wanted to present. Did any of you participate in the WorldWide Moment?


Lensbaby Macro Shot

Posted in Huntington Beach, Photography by Bridget Casas on July 30, 2009

I am so proud of this photograph! I thought I would try my +10 macro filter on my Lensbaby 2.0. I had only used the +4 macro filter before. Now the +10 is  my favorite. I was finally able to get a good focal point and so lucky I was able to get this bee. Isn’t it great? When I went outside, there were a few bees buzzing around my basil plant that is very large and has a lot of flowers on it. I will work on getting closer to the bee next time, but they really like to buzz around a lot!


This is a great Lensbaby macro photo…

We had some of the fresh basil from that plant on the spaghetti I made earlier in the week. It was great! The day started out very overcast and even a little chilly. I have been waking up early, so when I went out to get the newspaper at 5:30, it was pretty cool outside, and oh so nice and quiet! Willie took the dogs for a good walk today at Central Park. He said Donnan was really good until they went into the dog park. Why can’t he learn from Kyla? Willie said Kyla kept an eye on Donnan and didn’t go very far away from him. The Dodger’s are playing the Cardinals – has not been a good series for them! We’ll see how it goes!


A Young Boy’s Portrait

Posted in Huntington Beach, Photography by Bridget Casas on July 13, 2009

Young Nate is a very active two year old. I caught this one moment of quiet as he was watching his mother shake some dirt out of his shoes. Doesn’t he have a very sweet little face? It was fun taking photos of him and chasing him around the park. I did get my exercise that day! I have taken photos of dogs at the park that were easier to photograph than little Nate! It has been a while since I have chased around a two year old.


Master Nate Powell, two years old…

I was working on the new computer today attempting to load a bunch of software. I didn’t get very far! I was having trouble with Illustrator and Fireworks, and now I can’t find my MS Office software. I guess I will have to do some searching. I know it is here somewhere! The weather is getting warmer, very summery. We have a couple of fans on in the house. It really makes a difference. We watched The Changeling last night – a very good movie, and sad!


My First HDR Image

Posted in Huntington Beach, Photography by Bridget Casas on July 12, 2009

Do you notice how willing I am to share with you my firsts, such as shooting in Raw, my Lensbaby photos, my first portrait photographs and now my first HDR image? I am not afraid to put it out there for you to see. Hopefully, you will see the improvement over time. This is all part of my growth as a photographer I am willing to share. This image was done with five images in the Photomatix software. I did not go all the way to a “surreal” type image. I chose a subject that had a lot of sun, shade and limited highlights. It was fun bringing it all out in the final image.














My first HDR image…

I took this at Central Park and they are the same flowers Delaney was in front of in yesterday’s portrait. I did not use my tripod and it was a little breezy. The alignment is not perfect, but it is the best that the software could do considering what it had to work with. I think I will show you the five images I used to create this – at one stop each.




This should show you how you get the best from each image. I am glad I was able to finally get an image like this and I will continue to select more advanced subjects and play more with the software. I love learning new things! It was very warm here today but at least we have that nice ocean breeze! Willie had to go to Long Beach and the dogs and I stayed at home. Watched the Dodgers win today. We may go up to the mountains this week. I know the dogs would love it, but it will be hot up there!


I Would Like to Introduce Miss Delaney Powell

Posted in Huntington Beach, Photography by Bridget Casas on July 11, 2009

I met with a friend this morning to take photos of her two year old son Nate. I also took some of his older sister Delaney. She just finished kindergarten and will be starting first grade in the Fall. She has such a long life to look forward to. Isn’t she a cute little girl with freckles to die for? It was hard to get a smile out of her as she was pouting a little because “no one will listen to me!” She was playing and teasing me when I got this shot.


Such a little sweetheart…

We were at Central Park doing the photographs. We were thinking about the beach, but it was pretty warm today and it would have been so crowded and glarey. It would not have worked. I got some great photos of Nate also, but I wanted to share this one with you. It was a summer day today.  There were a lot of people at the park and they were setting up for a wedding later today. While I was waiting for my friends, I took some photos that hopefully I can use for an HDR image. I will look at it tomorrow and share it with you if it works out.


A Nice Tribute to Unconditional Love

Posted in Huntington Beach, Photography by Bridget Casas on June 18, 2009

I was finishing up the wedding photos today when Willie wanted me to take a break and go to the park with him and the dogs. I said ok, then no, I wanted to finish, and then I agreed to go. So Kyla and I went to the dog park and Willie and Donnan went for a walk around the lake. I needed to get outside so I was glad I went. I see the beautiful tribute path every time we go and have thought of taking a photo. Today I finally did. What a wonderful way to remember “man’s best friend.” I would say this was done over 20 years ago as you look at the dates. Maybe it is time to add another section?


A beautiful tribute…

All of these tiles look hand made and there are many, many of them. It gave me some practice on lens distortion and warp. It was a beautiful day today in the mid 70’s and I am glad Willie got me to go outside. As I am sure a lot of you know, time really flies when you are on the computer and life passes you by. Tomorrow is Friday, and I am hoping to drop off copies of all the wedding photos to my brother. I am going to a birthday party Saturday evening and then a Father’s Day barbecue at Larry and Shelley’s. My social calendar is so full!


Happy Mother’s Day

Posted in Huntington Beach, Photography by Bridget Casas on May 10, 2009

It was a great day here in Huntington Beach. A little overcast, but that is ok. We went for a walk with the dogs and ended up at Central Park and walked through the Shipley Nature Center. It is a very nice place and a lot of volunteers work very hard there. I thought this was a very interesting walking stick holder. Someone went to a lot of trouble to make it and I would love to have one just like it!  It is very clever. Maybe next time we go up to the mountains I will send Willie and the dogs out to collect some sticks and twigs to make our own. Sorry for the snapshop today! Tomorrow will be better.


A very unique walking stick holder…

Larry helped Willie in Long Beach this week-end so it gave me some time alone (with the dogs). I do not get that very much and I ended up spending the time on the computer working on a new web design. They got home earlier than I though so that kind of ended it! Oh, well – that is ok. Larry gave a very nice card and said we can go out to lunch or dinner next week-end. I got a call from my friend Gayle to wish me happy mother’s day and a nice email from my friend Annette. It is nice to know that people are thinking of you, isn’t it? Until tomorrow…


More Shadows and Texture

Posted in Huntington Beach, Photography by Bridget Casas on March 30, 2009

I was at Central Park earlier and I wanted to catch some morning shadows. I caught a few, plus many different textures! I liked this photo because of the contrast, along with the foregound, middle and background. It leads you down the path around the tree – do you want to know where it goes? It was a great morning at the park. Again, many people  taking advantage of the nice weather. I like to go off by myself to take photos but I really need Willie as my motivator. He always has  good suggestions.


Checking out the “jungle” trail at Central Park…

Willie is always wanting to learn more about taking photos. I tell him he needs to read his manual and discover what the camera can do. But like so many other people, he doesn’t want to learn that way! We were talking about the continuous shooting mode on his camera this morning. He said, “If I had known about that, I could have taken better pictures at the races a few weeks ago! That is what I was trying to do!” You know what I said to him? “Read your manual!” It is good advice for everybody – my teacher on Saturday morning keeps telling us that!


A Windy Afternoon at Central Park

Posted in Huntington Beach, Photography by Bridget Casas on March 23, 2009

We were at the park again today on the west side. They have a big lake there that actually has some water in it! Not like on the east side of the park where they only have water right after a rain. It was so windy and you can see the ripple in the water and the tall grass blowing. There were a lot of people there taking advantage of the afternoon sunshine. Kyla and Donnan enjoyed it also, along with Willie and me. It was after 5:00 P.M. when I took this photo so it was getting quite chilly.


Winter afternoon at Central Park…

There are a few ducks in this photo and you can see (if you look closely) where the bridal trail is in the back. Kyla loves seeing the horses when they ride by.  I was supposed to meet with my broker today but we changed it to tomorrow morning. We  need to get ourselves organized and get some work done. Then I have class tomorrow night so it will be a busy day. I have nothing for class, so I guess I will let my group down and get an “F” for tomorrow.  I think my photo for today is rather blah – I am sorry and I will do better tomorrow.


Is She Not the Most Beautiful Dog?

Posted in Huntington Beach, Photography by Bridget Casas on March 22, 2009

I guess I kind of got a little over board with the dog photos this month! Kyla and I went to the dog park this afternoon. I just cannot take Donnan right now. I need to figure out what to do to make him less aggressive and stop barking. Anyway, it got very windy this afternoon after a little morning drizzle. She just wanted to play and was having so much fun! She plopped down on the ground and I took this photo. Her hair is gettin g so long! Donnan’s is too. I enjoy taking photos at the dog park and I need to take a lot to get a good one. But that is the way it is with all photographs!


This wheaten looks like a sheep dog….

We were all happy to see Willie come home last evening. He had a good time with Larry and he took some really good photos. We did not do much today except the park. I also did some grocery shopping and we had a great roast for dinner. We will have some good sandwiches this week. I am getting these posts up too late in the day, I think. I need to start taking my photos the day before I post them instead of the day of the post. I used to do that and I don’t know when it changed. I was unable to get to a museum today so I think I have blown my assignment for Tuesday night class!


A Dog Named Buddy

Posted in Huntington Beach, Photography by Bridget Casas on March 21, 2009

This beautiful dog was at the dog park the other day.  His owner said he is a Shar-Pei –  he must be a Shar-Pei mix. I took a lot of photos but I particularly liked this one. He was so alert and stood there for a long time watching what was going on. I don’t know what he was looking for but he was looking out for all of the dogs there. A couple of times he would bark and then run out a few yards and then run back. He may have been keeping an eye on his other family members! Doesn’t he look almost regal?


Buddy, the Shar-Pei….

I had a full day today and I am happy that Willie will be home later this evening. Kyla and Donnan keep looking for him so they will be happy tonight too. My class was good this morning and I have many photos to take this week. Annette and I went to lunch and it was very enjoyable. When I got home, I kept busy with housework (so exciting) and worked on the images for my slide show. It is so cold today!  I really hope it warms up a little very soon!


A Turtle in the Wild

Posted in Huntington Beach, Photography by Bridget Casas on March 18, 2009

I have never been much of a nature/wildlife photographer (unless you count the dogs at the dog park), but I took a few photos of this turtle at the park the other day before he jumped back into the water. I was using my telephoto lens without a tripod, so I wish it were somewhat sharper. I did the best I could with what I was working with. He looks like he is enjoying the beautiful late afternoon sun. What a life he has!


Basking in the sun on a spring afternoon…

I feel like I have been sitting at the computer all day today! Willie had to go to Long Beach again today and I think he will be there every day for a while. I have to do a slide show for my photography class so I was working on that getting some photos ready. Since I want to do a slide show from the VARA race anyway, I will use that one for class. It will be fancier then I had originally planned, plus there will be music, so that is a good thing. I have advanced web design class tonight, so I better get ready to go! I wonder where the turtle came from?