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Geranium Leaves

Posted in Canon 7D, flowers, geraniums, Huntington Beach, leaves, Photography by Bridget Casas on May 12, 2010
geranium leaves

Canon 7D, Raw, 50mm, f/1.8, 1/6400, ISO 200

It is such a beautiful day today! I went outside to take a photo of the first blooming orchid of the year. Well, as you can tell, I did not have much luck with it. I will try again later. I told Willie I wasn’t “feeling” it. However, these very colorful geranium leaves came out great. Aren’t the variety of colors beautiful? Willie has a good green thumb. I did a little cropping in camera raw then took it into Photoshop. There I did a levels adjustment to make it pop then I opened up the lens correction filter and added a slight vignette. That is an easy way to do it. It’s a little windy outside now so I guess I will try the orchid again tomorrow.



A Beautiful Geranium

Posted in Canon 7D, Photography by Bridget Casas on April 25, 2010
Black and white geranium

Canon 7D, Raw, 55mm, f/2.8, ISO 100

I have never done a black and white geranium photograph. This was a beautiful pink with many colors going through the leaves. I opened up my Nik filters and decided to go black and white. This has a blue filter which really made the flowers pop. I made a slight contrast adjustment (lowering it) along with a levels adjustment and here is the result. I hope you like it. I like the way it has a circular feel from the leaves in front and the leaves and stems in the back. It makes your eyes stay on the photo and not go off. Do you agree?


Geraniums Blooming in My Backyard

Posted in Canon 7D, Huntington Beach, Photography by Bridget Casas on April 19, 2010

Canon 7D, Raw, 55mm, f/2.8, 1/250, ISO 100

I do all of my shooting (well, maybe 98%) in manual mode on my camera. The meta data on this image seems to be pretty common for me. I really liked this photo because of the sharpness of the buds – you can even see little fuzzies (a technical term) on them if you look close. I did a slight levels adjustment in Photoshop, then I added a little of a vignette so the buds would stand out  more. We have many geraniums in our backyard, and this was my favorite photo from this day.


A Staircase of Red Geraniums

Posted in Photography by Bridget Casas on July 4, 2009

I realized as I was downloading this image to my gallery page (I always do that first), that this is the fourth post in a row of a Lensbaby photo! I promise to do something else tomorrow. I thought the red flowers looked very pretty and appropriate for this 4th of July holiday.  These flowers are all in pots along a staircase, again at Fashion Island. They looked beautiful and I could not resist them.


Red flowers for this July 4th…

Well, the first firecracker went off at 4:35 P.M.  Both dogs are panting and we just turned on the TVs very loudly. Willie had the dogs over at Larry’s for a couple of hours running in their backyard and then took them for a walk. They were very tired when they got home (Willie included) but I tried to play games with them to keep them awake (the dogs). I want them all very tired for later tonight. A benadryl will help that. Help me get us through the night!


June is Busting Out All Over!

Posted in Huntington Beach by Bridget Casas on June 2, 2009

In case you do not know, that is the name of a song from the Broadway show and movie named Carousel!  I have always been a fan of musicals, as everyone in my family will attest to (hey, that could be Item #6 in things you don’t know about me!). The reason the title came to me is that I have two days in a row of flowers on the first two days of June! Anyway, Willie was doing some watering this morning and I liked the way this very red geranium looked in the morning light with a few drops of water on it.


Willie was out watering the flowers this morning…

As you can see in this photo (if you read my two posts about DOF), this image has a very shallow depth of field. I like the way it blurs some of the petals on the flower and the whole background and buds. Your attention is drawn right to the center of the flower and then around, never off the page. It is a great day here today, as most days are in Huntington Beach. I spent most of the morning watching some new videos. There is a really great new one on understanding blending modes. There are a lot of adjustments you can make to images by just duplicating the layer and using a different mode. I will need to start playing with it some!


5, No – 6 Things That Bother Me About Blog Posts

Posted in Huntington Beach, Personal, Photography by Bridget Casas on May 20, 2009

There are a few things that bother me about how many people write their posts. I am good at playing devils advocate and finding things wrong with others. Please keep in mind that these are my personal findings:

  1. Not knowing where the author is located, the city, state and/or country
  2. Authors who do not run a quick and easy spell check
  3. It is annoying when people do not proofread their posts and they are full of many errors
  4. I like to see a little info on the photos that are posted – some people put nothing
  5. A sticky post or “about” page stating what the blog is about and why they are doing it is a plus – which leads me to a 6th thing
  6. People whose theme comes with an “About” page and they leave it blank – either use it or delete it!

Now for today’s image.


A new pink geranium in my yard…

I saw this flower this morning and told Willie I could not remember seeing it before. He said it is something he has been working on to bring back to life. He did a really good job, didn’t he? When I zoomed in on the photo to look at the sharpness, I could see a little bug, just to the left of the center, partly under a petal. I used all three of my macro filters on this one, +4, +2 and the +1. I really would like to have a Canon 100mm macro lens!  Maybe one day I will!


Geranium or Impatiens?

Posted in Huntington Beach, Photography by Bridget Casas on April 23, 2009

This flower is growing in my backyard. It looks like an impatiens but the leaves are definitely geranium. I have both plants but this must be a geranium. I again used my macro filter so there is a very shallow depth of field. I like the way it turned out and it is a very pretty flower no matter what it is. I absolutely love the color! Believe it or not, our backyard is 95% cement. All of the plants we have are in pots and Willie takes care of all of it. We have a pool and that is nice to have. There are many, many pots sitting all around. 


Another great photograph taken in my backyard…

The dogs are getting back to normal now – two days after their hair-cut. I think they are getting used to each other and the way they look. I brushed them today and they both really enjoyed it. I think their hair is starting to grow already! The weather has really cooled down after the hot, hot week-end. We received a wedding invitation yesterday to our nephew’s wedding next month (my younger brother’s son). I have been asked to do the photography and I will get Willie to help me. He will be great at that! I am sure it will be a very nice event. It is on the same day as Larry and Shelley’s first anniversary. At least the date will be easy to remember!


Is This What He Meant?

Posted in Huntington Beach, Photography by Bridget Casas on March 5, 2009

I asked my instructor to look at my post yesterday and tell me what he thought. He said it is a great start! Now I need to add depth with shadows, highlights while having a foreground, middle and background – and to create an environment so my viewers can relate. I believe this photo has all of those things, but for some reason I just do not think it is what he meant! Plus, I did not have several hours to create an image today!


It has depth and a recognizable environment…

It is a beautiful day here in Huntington Beach. I had a great lunch and visit with a friend today. She was telling me about some new adventures in her life and what is going on. We hadn’t seen each other in about 4 months. We know each other from school and it was great seeing her.  She is a very talented graphic artist. She was asking me about  photography classes and she wants to go out soon and shoot some photographs together. The rest of my day is filled with exciting errands and fun stuff with Willie!


New Blooms on a White Geranium

Posted in Photography by Bridget Casas on March 1, 2009

I have been waiting for these flowers to bloom for a while now. A white geranium is so pretty and I haven’t seen any in a while. The rest of the cluster will start blooming soon. As you can probably tell, I did this with a close-up filter, +4, which I enjoy using. Maybe I should look into buying a good macro lens? Anyway, this photo is the first one I have posted here that is shot in Camera Raw. There are so many adjustments you need to make I was not quite sure what to do! I will study at for the knowledge I need.


White geranium cluster…

This post starts a brand new month of images. Did you notice that I went the whole month of February without one photo of Kyla or Donnan? I will do one of them soon. They just do not cooperate! It is such a gorgeous day here today. The temperature is in the mid 70’s and there is a very nice breeze. The breeze made it more difficult to take the photo! Somehow my weather widget says it is going to rain tomorrow! Doesn’t make any sense! Willie just told me this photo doesn’t make any sense.


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Geranium Leaf

Posted in Photography by Bridget Casas on February 8, 2009

It seems that I have been photographing a lot of flowers and foliage lately. But they have been so pretty from all of the fresh rain. Nature is so beautiful and after a nice rain, it is irresistible. Plus there has been no bright sunlight to create shadows and textures! This leaf has a lot of nice texture. I used my +4 close-up filter so there is only a small area on the tip of the leaf that is in focus. Isn’t the orange color pretty? This particular plant is not blooming right now.


Geranium leaf of many colors…

We are still dealing with rain here today. There is so much snow up at GVL. I wish we were there sitting on the couch looking out the front window. We may go up later in the week. I do not have a class next Saturday, so we could go after class Wednesday night or Thursday morning. It all depends on the weather! I like to look at rain and snow but I am not crazy about driving in it! Stay warm and dry!


What Kind of Geranium is This?

Posted in Photography by Bridget Casas on October 1, 2008

I looked around yesterday afternoon for the name of this geranium – on the internet and in some books I have.  I could not find the name. I just think it is very pretty and I think of a candy cane whenever I see it. It is right outside my back door so I see it many times each day.  If anyone knows what it is, could you please let me know?

What Is This Beautiful Flower?

What Is This Beautiful Flower?

Carol and I went looking at tripods and heads yesterday.  She bought a great set – the same ones I want to get but I will order mine online.  Hopefully, I can save some money and I am always for saving money! I told her my next purchase will be a pocket wizard. She was not sure what that was and the salesman at Samy’s said to expect a price increase very soon. It was fun shopping together and going out to lunch. It was very warm yesterday – you could say hot – especially in Santa Ana and Costa Mesa where we were shopping.  It was 86 in HB at 5:00 P.M!


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My Mother’s Martha Washington

Posted in Family, Photography by Bridget Casas on September 18, 2008

Isn’t this a beautiful pink geranium?  I believe my mother told me at one time that it is a Martha Washington.  If I am wrong, hopefully someone out there will correct me.  My mother died in January so I guess you could say I inherited this plant from her.  There is beautiful contrast between the pink of the petals and the green of the leaves.  I do enjoy photographing flowers.

Martha Washington Geranium

Martha Washington Geranium

We have other geraniums in our yard,  but I don’t know much about plants and flowers to know what they are.  My mother knew all that; she was the one I looked to when I had a question.  Willie takes very good care of all of our plants and my mother went to him at times if a plant needed help.  Well, I spent a few hours updating my website yesterday but it still needs more work.  I should be able to get some help from my teacher tonight. I need to move up higher on search engines!


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