One Good Photographer's Weblog

December 2008 Photo Gallery

caltech_2_2431-copy       xmasleaves_2_20081206_       artscenter-copy

corona-sunset-copy       stones_8717-copy       redrose_2226-copy

xmas20081202_3454-copy angel_20081224_3663-copy powell_20081208_3552-copy1 lights_20081220_3613-copy

cp_9841-copy      moon_birds20081210_3584-copy1      quilt_20081225_3665-copy      shadow_20081222_3646-copy

retainingwall_8036-copy         greentrees_sb_2103-copy         roots_5046-copy

xmas_cactus_20081209_3571-copy         corridor_0360-copy         yellowrose_3604-copy

gwc_tree2_5020-copy    finds_20081212_3592-copy    fruittrees-copy    specialleaf_20081221_3634-copy

cactus_20081226_3679-copy         pier_sunset-copy         kd_20081207_3518-copy

surfcity-copy      lamp_20081228_3705-copy      gwc_20081204_3484-copy      tamales_0512-copy

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