One Good Photographer's Weblog

June 2009 Photo Gallery

    Lily_060109_1481      geranium_4243      Santa Barbara_ 014     Kids_1374     

Ann_0250      Candy 4-3-09 080      Geoff&Randi_1144      Triumph_Sedan_1445

Fern__060909_1486     Summer_Fruit_20090610_1357     K&D_20090611_1364     DogPark20090618_1387

    Lensbaby_061209_1498      Lantern_20090613_1368      lily_061509_1516      Plant_20090613_1373

Elephant_61409_1512        Abstract_061909_1529      Kyla_62509_1549      Rockettes

G&S_52409_1145            Gladiola_062109_1541             Peterson_2005             Geoff_20090419_7086

Sunshine_062309_1545                 VA_Palm062609_1556                 BB_62709_1568

Doggy_062809_1585                 Gertty                  CalleLily062109_1530

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