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Two Gringas Rocked the Tamales!

Posted in Family, Personal by Bridget Casas on December 16, 2008

Gayle and I rocked the tamales!  They are delicious!  We made pork with red chili sauce, chicken with tomatillo sauce and some cheese for the vegetarians in our lives. I took this photo when we were all done. We must of made about eight dozen or a little more. I will deliver some tomorrow to my father-in-law, Lorenzo and Larry and Shelley. I got home about 9:00 last night after getting to Gayle’s about noon. So it was a long day! I will make some sweet ones tomorrow for Willie.


Please excuse my photo in that it is not much of a “” photo. But since this is my weblog, I have full creative license and can go off track once in a while. We got a lot of rain yesterday morning but when I came home last night it was clear and sparkly with a lot of stars visible. My calendars arrived today;  they came out great and I am very happy with them. It is true: the squeaky wheel gets the grease!


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I have a new goal!

Posted in Family, Photography by Bridget Casas on September 2, 2008

This is my second post.  I missed yesterday completely – no writing no new photos.  I decided that since this is part of my website and a new part of my What’s New page, I would add one new photo per day to this site.  They will not be photos I have taken in the past, but new ones.  I will need to take photos each and every day.  I took some photos at my brother’s on Sunday (the barbqued tri-tip roast was delicious), but none yesterday.  So starting tomorrow (9-3-08), number 1 of 365 photos will begin appearing.  I will be trying new things so I hope you find them interesting.  Here is a photo I took Sunday of my niece Erin (the waterpolo star) and her dog Buster.

Erin and Buster

Erin and Buster

There is another cute picture of Buster under Animals, etc. on my website,  Well, I hope you are enjoying this and that you will come back to see my next photo!

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