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A Staircase of Red Geraniums

Posted in Photography by Bridget Casas on July 4, 2009

I realized as I was downloading this image to my gallery page (I always do that first), that this is the fourth post in a row of a Lensbaby photo! I promise to do something else tomorrow. I thought the red flowers looked very pretty and appropriate for this 4th of July holiday.  These flowers are all in pots along a staircase, again at Fashion Island. They looked beautiful and I could not resist them.


Red flowers for this July 4th…

Well, the first firecracker went off at 4:35 P.M.  Both dogs are panting and we just turned on the TVs very loudly. Willie had the dogs over at Larry’s for a couple of hours running in their backyard and then took them for a walk. They were very tired when they got home (Willie included) but I tried to play games with them to keep them awake (the dogs). I want them all very tired for later tonight. A benadryl will help that. Help me get us through the night!


A Fountain of Crystal

Posted in Photography by Bridget Casas on July 3, 2009

I am very happy with this photograph. I took it with the Lensbaby and I believe I got it just right. I have the focal point where I wanted it, and that makes me happy! I also really like the black and white. It looks like beads of crystal to me shimmering in the sunshine. In actuality it is a water fountain behind the carousel at Fashion Island! I am very pleased with it. I hope you like it. Please let me know!


Beautiful beads of water shining like crystal…

The dogs got all cleaned up today at the groomers. They are all foo-foo and smell good! They were gone for three hours and it was so quiet around here. We went to the store and then came home to have lunch. We are going to have spareribs and potato salad tomorrow. It will be so good! We will need to stay home because of the dogs being such big scardy cats! Watched the movie Taken last night. I thought it was good. Probably watch Cadillac Records tonight. A friend said it was good – we will see. Have a fantastic 4th of July, wherever you are!


A Koi Pond in Newport Beach

Posted in Photography by Bridget Casas on April 17, 2009

 There is a large Koi pond in the middle of Fashion Island in Newport Beach. I was there yesterday with my good friend Carol (I already told you about our visit).  I did not have my polarizing filter with me so I was lucky I was able to get a photo of this one Koi. There are very many swimming around and also some beautiful fountains (you can see one here). It was a nice day and there were a lot of people enjoying the spring weather. I had a very nice drive home on Pacific Coast Highway.


 A great spring day in Newport Beach…

I took Kyla to the dog park today. She had a lot of fun and there were a lot of dogs there! Willie took Donnan for a walk while we were playing. I cannot take him there – he is too out of control. But I will not write about that again! A groomer came by this morning to check them out for me and see what needs to be done to them. We decided to cut off all of their hair and give them a new start (of course I will take a photo). It will be good for them for the summer – they will just be unrecognizable for a while! Have a good week-end; I will have a very busy one!