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Austin Healey Association

Posted in Austin Healey, automobiles, Canon 7D, Fontana Speedway, Photography, VARA, vintage auto by Bridget Casas on March 10, 2010


Canon 7D, Raw, f/8.0, 1/250, 21mm, ISO 200

I was out at the race track in Fontana last Saturday to take photos of the Austin Healey Association members and their cars. The turnout was low because of the rain and cold weather. But as you can tell from this photo, the ones who were there had a lot of fun! They were lined up on the grid getting ready to go out on the track for the first time. How exciting! The rest of the photos and more can be seen on my gallery. It was great using my Canon 7D. The next time though, I will rent a longer telephoto lens. I think that will make it more fun. I just needed to do a white balance adjustment on all the images. I need to work on that so my images will have the proper balance when taken.


Blowing in the Wind

Posted in Photography by Bridget Casas on July 20, 2009

This was hanging down at the beach outside a little store. It was whirling and twirling around. However, I do not know what to call it! It is not a flag or a banner, but like a stationary kite hanging from a pole. I thought it was very pretty and colorful. I stopped the action for the photo but maybe I should have lowered my shutter speed so you could see some movement! Or if I had had a video camera, I could have shown you the whole show!


A great summer image from Laguna Beach…

I am going to meet my friend Annette for lunch tomorrow at Corner Bakery Cafe. She has never been there. Have you? I heard back from Randi today (my nephew Geoff’s girlfriend) who said it was very hot and an unsuccessful week-end for all of the Monises at Fontana Raceway. I thanked her for alleviating my guilt for not going – she said I made a wise decision.  It was quite warm today and I spent time sorting and working on some of my photos from the PhotoWalk. I will download some of them at the end of the week. Until tomorrow!


VARA Route 66 Races Slideshow

Posted in Photography by Bridget Casas on April 28, 2009

This post for today is a little different from my normal posts. I finally finished my slide show and uploaded it to You Tube so you can view it here. However, they took my audio out so I had to replace it. It was Route 66 by the Rolling Stones. I can use that song for my class slide show and to email to people, I just can’t use it on the web. I understand but I don’t have to like it! I did not do this for profit, just for a class project! Oh, well!

It plays and sounds much better with the Rolling Stones…

It was fun putting this together and I hope you like it. I hope class is good tonight. I look forward to seeing the other student’s videos and what they are about. I don’t know what our next assignment is. My instructor’s wife had their first baby last week so I think his mind has been somewhere else. I understand how that can happen. I have some errands to do today before class. I am sure it will be a late night and hopefully a very productive one! Please enjoy the video and leave a comment so I know what you think of it.


Fontana Motor Speedway

Posted in Family, Personal, Photography by Bridget Casas on March 7, 2009

We spent the day today out in Fontana and we had a really good time. I took this photo at the late afternoon practice session of my nephew Geoff. My nephew Greg did not have much luck this morning. Some kind of problem with the crankshaft on his car so he was unable to complete practice and will not be able to race tomorrow. It is a beautiful facility and I cannot believe there was one just a few miles away in Ontario that was torn down many years ago.  I will give you a link here if you want to know more about what goes on there. There are NASCAR Races, etc. there.


Geoff Monise on the straightaway…

It was a fun day and I enjoyed seeing Carol and her husband Bill. I think Bill really enjoyed it – he seemed very excited and  appeared to be having a lot of fun. It is now 8:30 on Saturday night – the latest I have ever done a post. I have a lot of photos to go through and I will do a slideshow on my website.  Willie took a lot of photos also. I took over 150 just myself and he probably took twice as many!  I have a lot to look at! Until tomorrow…