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Blowing in the Wind

Posted in Photography by Bridget Casas on July 20, 2009

This was hanging down at the beach outside a little store. It was whirling and twirling around. However, I do not know what to call it! It is not a flag or a banner, but like a stationary kite hanging from a pole. I thought it was very pretty and colorful. I stopped the action for the photo but maybe I should have lowered my shutter speed so you could see some movement! Or if I had had a video camera, I could have shown you the whole show!


A great summer image from Laguna Beach…

I am going to meet my friend Annette for lunch tomorrow at Corner Bakery Cafe. She has never been there. Have you? I heard back from Randi today (my nephew Geoff’s girlfriend) who said it was very hot and an unsuccessful week-end for all of the Monises at Fontana Raceway. I thanked her for alleviating my guilt for not going – she said I made a wise decision.  It was quite warm today and I spent time sorting and working on some of my photos from the PhotoWalk. I will download some of them at the end of the week. Until tomorrow!



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