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Not as I Expected

Posted in Personal, Photography by Bridget Casas on January 11, 2009

Yesterday did not go as I had envisioned or hoped. Carol and Bob got here at about 11:45 and left at 4:00. Between their Ali and our Donnan, it did not work. They both need to go to the Dog Whisperer’s center and learn how to become calm dogs. Talk about red zone cases! Kyla was good and wondered why they all couldn’t just be friends. Catey had no problems either; she is a very happy girl. There were no photographs just a lot of walks to try to calm down the dogs. We all decided we would work with our dogs and they will come back this summer to go fishing at the lake! So that is that for now!


Beautiful blue sky and white snow…

The WiFi is really good up here and I don’t even have to go to town to use it. I took this photo behind our cabin. It is all National Forest back there. The stumps are trees that were cut down because of the fire in October, 2007. The fire came up to 3 feet from the back of our cabin and burned down many, many cabins in the area. We were lucky, except Allstate Insurance cancelled us – they made a lot of money over the years with no claims from us! It is clouding up quite a bit outside. I think we are going to head back home on Monday. Until tomorrow…



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