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Not My Normal Orchid

Posted in Photography by Bridget Casas on November 14, 2008

I wanted to take Donnan for a little walk yesterday, so (with satellite dish and all) we went up to Bella Terra Mall. They have their Christmas decorations up already! I found a lady selling these orchids outside her store.  Aren’t the colors pretty? I love the purple and deep pink. The yellow isn’t bad either! I saw a lot of orchids at Home Depot last week-end, but they were not as pretty as these and they didn’t have as much variety.


Beautiful variety of colors…

Donnan seems to be feeling better. He got a little too playful with Kyla in the backyard and he scratched the skin above his incision. They like to stalk each other and do a lot of chasing. We have decided to only let one out at a time so that won’t happen. They are both very confused and do not understand. I have a busy day today. We are going up to Pasadena to the shop.  What will I show you tomorrow?



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