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A Cool Triumph Sedan

Posted in Photography by Bridget Casas on June 8, 2009

This is such a cool car and it could even make an MGB lover like me convert to Triumph! Isn’t this a great looking car? It was at the shop last week at the Southern California Triumph Club. I did a little Google search and it looks like this is probably a very early 1960’s automobile. I tried to call my brother but he did not answer his phone. I played around with a couple of filters and this is what I came up with. Look at where the side mirror is located!


Have you ever seen one of these before…?

I do not believe I have ever seen one of these before, but since I have been to car races and car shows since I was a very little girl, there is a good chance that I have and I just do not remember! We were at the shop today and they had a 1960 Mini Morris there which was still owned by the original family, purchased in Hawaii. I will take a picture of it in a few days when we go back there. It must be so much fun to see all of these older English sports cars and to contribute to the restoration of them. I am rather envious of my brother and my nephews! At least I can go take photographs of them!



Southern California Triumph Car Club

Posted in Photography by Bridget Casas on May 30, 2009

We went up to Pasadena today to the shop where they sponsored the Southern California Triumph Club car show and tech meeting, where they discussed restoration of the old English automobiles. There were some beautiful and all very well cared for cars there. Willie walked the dogs around while I took some photos. I liked this TR3 model from sometime in the 1960’s. I will try to find out the exact year and will pass it on to you. It was a good morning and all the people were very nice. Update:  Gregg says this is a ’58 or ’59!


Great looking Triumph TR3….

One thing you should know about me by now is that I am an MGB person. I got to see mine today and it is coming along slowly. But that is ok. They have been busy at the shop so that is good for them. They have been “swamped” as Greg told me. It has been cold and overcast all day today – even a little misty. We watched the Dodger’s lose when we got home today and had some lunch. Did a few errands and I downloaded the images from today so I could pick one for you to see. I believe I made a good choice. Have a good week-end!