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Another Surf City Sky

Posted in Huntington Beach, Photography by Bridget Casas on February 23, 2009

I went out this morning to take some photos for my Tuesday night class. This is not one of them. However, I thought the swirl of the clouds was rather unusual, created by the airflow way up there. The shape did not remain for  long so I was glad I caught it in time. I also got some other pictures for class but I still need some more. Blue seems to be a very dominant color with my photographs for this month! Now it is raining. I hope it stops soon because I have more things to do today.


The swirl of the clouds did not last very long…

Did you like the Academy Award show last night? I thought it was pretty good. They tried a few different things. We have not been to the movies in over two years so we had not seen too many of the films – just those that we could see through Netflix. I am one of those who fasts forward through the speeches and I like to see the clothes – the jewelry is not bad either! There are way too many commercials, you have to watch on your DVR! Well, I hope to be able to take a few more photos today – until tomorrow!



A Lot of Rain Clouds

Posted in Huntington Beach, Photography by Bridget Casas on January 24, 2009

It rained most of the day yesterday. It was not a hard, torrential rain but just a steady rain most of the day. The sun finally poked through as it was starting to go down in the western sky. I went outside to see what was going on and took this photograph. The sun is peeking through a cloud and creating quite a silhouette with the houses and trees in the area. Not long after I took this photo, I was in the backyard with the dogs and the sky was very pink and blue with white fluffy clouds.  It is hard to believe that it could change so fast. It looks ominous here and than it all changes to cotton candy!


An ominous dark sky…

I do not think it is supposed to rain today – at least not yet.  I am hoping we can take the dogs to the park. I got a new book I ordered from Amazon. It is called Art & Design in Photoshop by Steve Caplin. When I went to school we were taught that you underline book titles – now they are italicized. Anyway, it deals a lot with design and typography which is important. I have not tried any of the exercises yet, but I have gone through the book and it looks good. I just use Photoshop for my photography but this delves more into graphic design without using Illustrator. There is so much to be learned and so little time…