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California Wild Flowers

Posted in Photography by Bridget Casas on May 16, 2009

Isn’t this photo pretty? I like the contrast of the bright yellow wild flowers next to the old farm wagon. It is on the edge between a snapshot and a photograph, so I am submitting it for your approval.  I hope many people come to look at it. I took the photo on the grounds of the Heritage Museum in Santa Ana. There are a lot of wild flowers there. I used my wide angle lens so I could get a lot in the image.


Wild flowers in a rustic setting…

I was looking at a new lens today that I would like to buy. It is the Canon 100mm macro lens. The images they show on Amazon look great. I enjoy macro photography but I only have some close-up filters. I would love to shoot with the real thing! Anyone out there have one? Please let me know what you think. Strange weather today – a little cool and overcast. I got some great steaks for tonight – I just have to get Willie to get the barbeque started! We’re watching the Marlins and the Dodgers right now – it is tied 2 to 2. Until tomorrow…