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An Environmental Portrait Part 2

Posted in Canon 7D, environmental portrait, Huntington Beach, Photography, portrait photography, School by Bridget Casas on February 18, 2010

Canon 7D, Raw, 17mm f/2.8, 1/500, 6400 ISO

When I was working on my first photo of Mallory, I got the idea to try something else. She was cooperative and willing to work with me. I wanted to show her in three different areas of her environment. I am happy with the results. The only thing I would do differently is have her doing something else sitting on the couch and me using a different aperture. I should have shot it at f/8 or so. Because of the high ISO with no flash, I needed to get rid of the noise. I put the three images together in Photoshop by changing the blend mode and then using a layer mask I finished it off with a little cropping and a layers adjustment.



A Rough and Tumble Cowboy!

Posted in Family, Huntington Beach, Photography, School by Bridget Casas on June 30, 2009

This is my nephew Geoff at Blue Skeye Ranch. I believe this was his first time on a horse and he was such a good sport. This is the second photo of Geoff this month! He is a champion race car driver competing in the VARA  (Vintage Auto Racing Assoc.) circuit around Southern California. I have shown other photos of him in his MG Midget at Fontana Raceway. He is a great young man along with his girlfriend Randi. We all laughed so much – it was a very fun day!


Remind you of Gene Autry or Rhinestone Cowboy?…

Another great day today here in Huntington Beach. The weather was a little warmer. I was looking at the school schedules at GWC and CCC for the Fall to see what I can take. I cannot decide if I want to take Flash again or try Illustrator again but with a different teacher. I took Illustrator several years ago so I could use a refresher. Larry wants me work on a family crest so that could be my project. I am going to lunch on Thursday with my friend Carol. We have a lot in common (photography, school, the dogs, etc.) which gives us a lot to talk about! I love spending time with her!


A Study in Perspective

Posted in Huntington Beach, Photography, School by Bridget Casas on May 13, 2009

This was a difficult project. I took this photo here in Huntington Beach up on Center Drive. It was for a study in perspective. I think I chose a difficult building to work on. If you are a photographer, you will know how impossible it is to take a photo of a tall building, from ground level with full perspective and straight lines. So, the object was to straighten it out in Photoshop, using lens distortion and transform warp. I worked on it a lot and it is still not perfect. Please do not put a ruler to it! I am done working on this particular subject but I have learned a lot and used it on other photos.


A photo taken in early morning…

I was at my advanced web class tonight. I am not quite finished with the revamping of my website. I will be making a few changes but nothing drastic. I hope you will like it when I am finished. I thought school was over next week but there are two more weeks. Pot luck in class next week! We will be going up to Pasadena again on Friday and I want to take some more photos. I want to do a panorama at the City Hall court yard. We will see what I can do when I get there!


Movie Poster Project

Posted in Huntington Beach, Photography, School by Bridget Casas on May 7, 2009

Here is another photo from yesterday’s Fine Art Open House at Golden West College. This is all five movie posters. I already showed you the one that I worked on. Unfortunately, there are two bright tungsten lights shining on two of them and parts of the images are blown out. I put my recovery in raw at 100%, but it was still not enough. The poster on the far left is one Jason (the instructor) did to show some photos taken during the shoot (I already showed you one of them) and everyone’s name. I do not think anyone really cared but I guess it is something the teachers have to do!


 These are all great movies…

I met up with my nephew Ryan and his fiancee Sophia this morning. I am going to do the photography for their wedding and they wanted to show me around. It is at a very nice country club and it will be a beautiful ceremony, outside in a gazebo. I appreciate them letting me do it for them. It will be fun, but it is a lot of responsibility. Willie, of course will help me! Did I tell you that I am thinking of starting another weblog? It will be from Kyla and Donnan. I am thinking of calling it a “Clog” – that stands for canine blog. What do you think?


Golden West College Fine Arts Open House

Posted in Huntington Beach, Photography, School by Bridget Casas on May 6, 2009

Here is one image I took today at the open house.  It is amazing how much talent and brilliance there is at one little community college in Huntington Beach. Willie went with me early today to walk around. We went to the ceramics, sculpture, photography and many other classrooms. I particularly liked these pieces of clay in the ceramics department.  I am not sure of the students name, which I should have paid more attention to. It was great walking around and seeing all of the art work. I never saw any jewelry though. Where was it?


A pair of beautiful ceramic pieces…

They used to have a “student show” in the gallery one semester per year, but it was more restrictive. This open house showed everyone’s work and it was great.  There were many people there, but I hope the other students took advantage and saw some of the work the other fine arts students are doing. It was very impressive. Years ago I took a ceramics class and “threw on the  wheel.” Seeing some of the students tonight, it made me want to take a ceramics class next semester. My little salad bowls and ashtrays were very juvenile compared to what I saw tonight!



A Piece of Abstract Photography

Posted in Personal, School by Bridget Casas on April 15, 2009

I took this image today along with many others. I tried different colors of fabric and picked this one out as my favorite.  I used a glass bowl with water and a few drops of oil. It was difficult to focus on just the oil drops. I think I need a real good macro lens to do this kind of image correctly. Maybe one day I will be able to afford one! I do love the color and the lighting – that part of it is very pretty. I will work on improving this idea.


It is true – oil and water do not mix…

It has been a very windy day today. I have been working on ways to improve my blog and get more viewers. I am participating in the 31 Days to Build a Better Blog Challenge. I have been learning new things and it has been a good experience. Are any of you working on the challenge? I have class tonight and I am really enjoying learning  advanced web design. My last travel photography class is this Saturday and I need to get organized and ready to turn everything in. Classes are beginning to wind down. I think there are maybe 4 or 5 weeks left before the semester is over.


Practice in Depth of Field

Posted in Huntington Beach, Photography, School by Bridget Casas on March 28, 2009

I took the photo this morning at school. I loved the colors and I enjoy working on shallow depth of field. This is an unusual subject but it met all of my objectives. I took a few other photos but this one was the best example. I tried to switch the focus but that was not working for me. I will try again with a different subject. It is fun just playing with different settings.


A rather unusual subject…

Today is a very special day – it is Larry’s birthday! He and Shelley are up at Mammoth (again). Class was good this morning.  There is no class next Saturday and we have only two more meetings. I will be going  to my friends house this week to take photos of her horses, chickens and dogs. She wants them for an invitation she is doing. I also got a call this morning to photograph a wedding. I hope it works out. That client from two weeks ago still hasn’t put up the new photos I did for him for his website. I wonder what the delay is?


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A Class Photo Shoot

Posted in Huntington Beach, Photography, School by Bridget Casas on March 25, 2009

At class last  night we were in groups of 4 people and were given a “movie poster” to do. We could use any props we could find at school or something we had brought from home. Our movie was Grease and we were doing it quite literally. Our teacher, Jason (in the middle of the photo), wanted us to do the essence of the movie. I took this photo to show a few of the people in our group working on it. It was fun working with the professional lights and listening to his suggestions.


greaseWorking on a school project…

This is another unusual photo for me to share and I guess, again, it is a snapshot. But sometimes that is the only thing to represent my daily life. The weather is gorgeous today. I met with some clients this morning after getting my hair trimmed. I played some with my video but I cannot seem to get the Photo to Movie software to do what I want it to do. I think I may contact them. I can still do my museum assignment because he gave us another week (that’s good), and tonight I have my web class. My life is so busy!


Urban Landscape

Posted in Huntington Beach, Photography, School by Bridget Casas on March 10, 2009

Here is another photo of part of the urban landscape here in Huntington Beach. We are seeing a lot more of this around town as I am sure all of your are in your own home towns. I took this photo for my group project on effects of the financial crisis. This is the photo I wanted to use as my contribution, but the group chose another. Oh, well. I guess that is how a democracy is supposed to work. I thought I would share my choice here with you.


A common sight around town…

We will be finished with this project tonight. We will print up our images and they will be critiqued in class by the other students and the instructor. I spoke with my brother Frankie last night and he said that Geoff won both his class and the overall win at Sunday’s race. I am sorry we missed it but there will be other races. Congratulations to Geoff and all the people at VARA for a great week-end!


Pretty Purple Pansies

Posted in Photography, School by Bridget Casas on February 28, 2009

I saw these pansies at school last week but I was unable to  get a photo I liked. I tried again today, literally laying on my stomach,  and I am happy with the result. I absolutely love this color and the yellow center is such a gorgeous contrast, not to even mention the green! I am receiving some nice comments and feedback on my weblog – thank you.


What gorgeous colors…!

Here we are at the end of February already. With the addition of this photograph I have completed the first six months of my original goal. I have really enjoyed this project of mine. However, it is very time consuming and sometimes takes away from time with Willie and the dogs. I will re-evaluate at the end of the year. I really enjoyed the dog park with Kyla yesterday since we had not been there in a long time. Willie took Donnan for a long walk so everyone slept real well last night!


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At Mesa Verde Campus

Posted in Photography, School by Bridget Casas on February 21, 2009

I had my travel photography class this morning. I guess a lot of people had a problem with the depth of field and macro projects. So the instructor had everyone bring their cameras and he set up some things outside. I did not feel I needed one on one help on that so I just walked around the school yard taking some photos. I was trying to create something striking out of something very ordinary that people walk by all the time and do not notice. Let me know how I did.


Seen everyday but not really looked at…

There is some lack of depth of field as you can tell I am focused toward the middle of the image. Anyway, class was kind of slow this morning and a little too basic for me. But I always try to learn something! People are so talkative and ask so many questions! Larry and Shelley are up at the cabin. He called and said their is a lot of snow – but we already knew that, didn’t we? The weather is kind of overcast today and it is cooling off again. Have a fun Saturday night!


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Black and White Macro

Posted in Photography, School by Bridget Casas on February 15, 2009

Yesterday I showed you depth of field, today I present a macro photograph. The object is that you will need to look at it for a moment or two before you know what it is. Is it working? I took this photograph with my +4 macro filter in my backyard. The dogs were curious about what I was doing. They are very, very nosy! As you can see, there is very little depth of field. Maybe yesterday’s photo and today’s should be shown together!


A macro photograph of…?

We are waiting for another rain storm to hit us. It rained some Friday afternoon and then yesterday was sunny but chilly. Now it is starting to cloud up again.  We are going down to Laguna Niguel later today to see Carol and Bill. Hopefully it will not rain until after we get home because we will need to leave the dogs outside. I think tomorrow is considered a holiday – have a good day if you get it off!


A Depth of Field Challenge

Posted in Photography, School by Bridget Casas on February 14, 2009

Here I am with some more rocks, lining them up to attempt to get a complete depth of field. I think I accomplished it. I had to take a lot of images to get the focus the best I could and the spacing right so all the rocks would look the same distance apart. I have another image with no depth of field that just shows the third rock in focus. However, I did not want to bore you with that image.


A perfect example of depth of field…

I am sorry my post is late this Saturday afternoon. I have been working on this image for quite a while. I tried it indoors and outdoors with the rocks on a mirror but I then settled on inside with this white board. Today is Valentine’s Day. Larry and Shelley (the newlyweds) went down to Laguna Beach for a nice afternoon. Willie and I have done nothing and I don’t even know what we are having for dinner!  The dogs are sleeping and look very comfortable. We are getting ready for a late lunch and a nap sounds very good after that!



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A 3 Rock Still Life

Posted in Photography, School by Bridget Casas on February 9, 2009

 The first assignment in my Tuesday night class is to photograph a still life with three items we can hold in one hand. The ones I took for class are done under different lighting and settings,  but I thought I would take one for my weblog. These rocks were given to me by Willie, Kyla and Donnan. They often come home with little presents for me when they go out on walks. I really like the colors, the markings and the “worm” holes.


A still life with three of my favorite rocks…

The sun is now finally out after some rain this morning! It is supposed to be clear tomorrow and then rain again on Wednesday. I think we are going to have to go up to Pasadena tomorrow morning to pick up the hard top for the MGB – only if it is not raining.  The dogs got loose out front this morning. It is such a hassle to get them in – they are very uncooperative and will not come in! Donnan will eventually come but you need a lot of strategy to get Kyla!  Willie just told me it is starting to rain again!


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Some Unusual Roots

Posted in Photography, School by Bridget Casas on February 7, 2009

I was in my Saturday morning class today and outside the room there are some trees. At break time I went out with my camera and took some photos. The roots are very odd looking and shoot out in all different directions with different shapes and sizes. It has rained a lot this week so there is some moss starting to grow on some of the roots. Each photo looks very, very different. I chose this one to share.


Some roots spread out on the ground…

Class was good this morning. It is a little basic for me, but I am learning. He spoke today about planning what types of photos you want to shoot when on a trip; such as skylines, street life, people at work or play, etc. It is a good idea to do some planning and maybe even pick a theme for your trip. Larry just called. He and Shelley are up in Mammoth snowboarding. They are having a good time. Have a good week-end!


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A Tree Grows in HB

Posted in Huntington Beach, School by Bridget Casas on December 27, 2008

We went for a walk yesterday with the dogs and ended up at Golden West College. It was a very cold but beautiful day. I have shown you a few of these trees in black and white, but I was attracted to these roots. I thought it was interesting the way the roots were spread out so far over the ground. There were no people around so it was a nice walk. I took some other photos and I will share with you at a later time.


Great contrast of colors…

GWC was founded in the early 1960’s. These trees probably had a few years on them when they were planted. Over the years, they have become so beautiful and I hope they are there always. We got The Dark Knight from Netflix yesterday – probably watch tonight. We watched Hancock last night – pretty bad. Sunday is Willie’s birthday and we talked a little bit this morning about what he wants to do. It will be his day and I am hoping he chooses to go out to dinner!