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Do You Have a Sweet Tooth?

Posted in Photography by Bridget Casas on July 24, 2009

Willie went absolutely crazy when he saw this pastry in a merchants window. His mouth was drooling, but he did not buy anything! Didn’t do that much for me – I am more of a crunchy cookie person myself!  I took this in Laguna at the PhotoWalk. I had my polarizing filter on my lens to take better photos in storefront windows, but it did not work too well for me. This one worked somewhat – I just had trouble with the florescent lights at the top of the case – but I think it worked out alright.


Some delicious (and high calorie) pastries…

I got some sad news today. I learned that my cousin Denny Smith died three days ago. I have tried a few times to find him, but like everyone else, I assumed I had all the time in the world. He was only one year older than me! At one time as young kids and teenagers, we were very close and very good friends. Our lives took us in different directions and, well, what can I saw… He was the son of my mother’s sister Mary, who died at the very young age of 45. His brother, Tommie, sent an email to my brother Frankie and he forwarded it to me. I am very,very sad and very, very sorry. Will we learn a lesson from this? Probably not, but, if there is someone out there you want to make contact with, do not put it off thinking you have all the time in the world.



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