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A Lifesaving Lifeguard

Posted in Photography by Bridget Casas on July 21, 2009

I was hoping when I took this photograph that it would be a good one. I was right and I am very pleased with the result. I see it as a little posterized, but I think the image can handle it. Do you think it could use some more adjustment to eliminate some of the posterization? I would really like your opinion on this. Maybe just on the water to his right. He never stopped scanning the water in front of him. What a responsibility!


What is it with Lifeguards and Paramedics – is being real cute a job requirement…?

Annette and I had a great time at lunch today. We sat on the patio at Corner Bakery for about two hours. There was a very cool ocean breeze blowing. We just stayed out of the sun! We talked about Photoshop, dreamweaver, web design, and so much other stuff. We have so much in common and it is great to have friends like that. But, I guess that is what a friend is! The dogs have been enjoying their ice cubes (we call them cubes) and they get very excited when we break them out!



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