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A Young Boy’s Portrait

Posted in Huntington Beach, Photography by Bridget Casas on July 13, 2009

Young Nate is a very active two year old. I caught this one moment of quiet as he was watching his mother shake some dirt out of his shoes. Doesn’t he have a very sweet little face? It was fun taking photos of him and chasing him around the park. I did get my exercise that day! I have taken photos of dogs at the park that were easier to photograph than little Nate! It has been a while since I have chased around a two year old.


Master Nate Powell, two years old…

I was working on the new computer today attempting to load a bunch of software. I didn’t get very far! I was having trouble with Illustrator and Fireworks, and now I can’t find my MS Office software. I guess I will have to do some searching. I know it is here somewhere! The weather is getting warmer, very summery. We have a couple of fans on in the house. It really makes a difference. We watched The Changeling last night – a very good movie, and sad!



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