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“I Think I Have Hit Rock Bottom”

Posted in Huntington Beach, Personal by Bridget Casas on July 8, 2009

That is what I said to Willie when he asked me how my photo came out today. I ordered a new tower last week and it arrived today. Actually, my computer guy Steve ordered it for me. I wanted him to build me one but he said it would be more affordable to order a custom configured one from Costco. It is an HP, as I am sure you can see. You can even see a little of me in the reflection! Maybe by Saturday I will start using it. I included the specifications.


My new HP Intel 2 Quad computer…

I did actually look at the Apples, which I would love to get, but it would have cost twice as much as this did. I am a PC person until I win the lottery! Steve has assured me I will be very happy with this and I will really see a big difference. We took Willie’s dad to dinner tonight for Mexican food. It was very good. Spoke briefly with Larry this evening, watched the Dodgers lose to the Mets, got my hair trimmed this morning, and that was my exciting day. The dogs got very excited when the big box from FedEx was delivered. Whatever box comes to this house, for some strange reason there are always a few dog biscuits in it!



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