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Posted in Huntington Beach, Photography by Bridget Casas on July 6, 2009

This afternoon I was getting myself some watermelon to snack on. I cut it up and put it in a white bowl. It looked so pretty, I thought I would photograph it and give it a place in my weblog since I did a peach yesterday. Plus it gives me a chance to practice some food photography. Don’t they have stylists to help make everything look pretty? When I downloaded the images I realized I should have had the bowl on maybe a red checkered cloth so it would stand out. But, alas, I had already eaten it!


Sweet, juicy delicious watermelon…

I changed the banner image at the top of my weblog. In case you forgot, it was a black and white image of the tree branches and shadows. I thought I would go for something colorful. I got the idea from a tweet by Helen Bradley today. It is another beautiful day today here in Huntington Beach. I hope you don’t get tired of me saying that! Pretty soon it will get hot and I will be complaining about that! Hope you can find some good watermelon to enjoy or whatever else is your favorite fruit. I should do a poll and see what kind of answers I get!



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