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A Nice Tribute to Unconditional Love

Posted in Huntington Beach, Photography by Bridget Casas on June 18, 2009

I was finishing up the wedding photos today when Willie wanted me to take a break and go to the park with him and the dogs. I said ok, then no, I wanted to finish, and then I agreed to go. So Kyla and I went to the dog park and Willie and Donnan went for a walk around the lake. I needed to get outside so I was glad I went. I see the beautiful tribute path every time we go and have thought of taking a photo. Today I finally did. What a wonderful way to remember “man’s best friend.” I would say this was done over 20 years ago as you look at the dates. Maybe it is time to add another section?


A beautiful tribute…

All of these tiles look hand made and there are many, many of them. It gave me some practice on lens distortion and warp. It was a beautiful day today in the mid 70’s and I am glad Willie got me to go outside. As I am sure a lot of you know, time really flies when you are on the computer and life passes you by. Tomorrow is Friday, and I am hoping to drop off copies of all the wedding photos to my brother. I am going to a birthday party Saturday evening and then a Father’s Day barbecue at Larry and Shelley’s. My social calendar is so full!



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