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A Green Burst of Star Light

Posted in Huntington Beach, Photography by Bridget Casas on June 16, 2009

Isn’t this an interesting plant? Of course, I do not know what it is. I do like to photograph plants and flowers, however, I very seldom know what they are. I wish my mom were around to ask – she would know. I miss her every day. I took this photo at a friends yard and if I had had some scissors with me, I would have trimmed those few brown tips! I did up the green in saturation a little so they would stand out a little more. It is a beautiful plant even without that boost.
















Have you ever seen anything this symetrical…?

It was another great day in Huntington Beach today.  A beautiful blue sky and some white fluffy clouds.  Willie worked a lot in the back yard and the dogs always like it when he is out there with them. As soon as he comes in they are whining at the back door, “Can Willie come out and play?”  There is quite a controversy building up about BlackRapid on DPS. Check out the review and then all of the comments. Some people are becoming skeptical about the product, including me. I am not the only one who has had problems with it. I am sorry to hear it.



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