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A Very Beautiful Senior

Posted in Family, Photography by Bridget Casas on June 7, 2009

Well I am very proud of this photo and the way it turned out. This is a wonderful woman named Ann, who flew from Florida to go to her great grandson’s wedding.  Can you believe she is 94 years old? She has been anxiously awaiting the birth of her first great-great grandchild in November. Sadly, though, it doesn’t appear that she will survive until then. When she got back to Florida last week she had to have emergency surgery for a blockage in her stomach. She has been in a coma ever since and is now under hospice care. It is very sad. She was so wonderful and lively at the wedding. I have written about her before.


Isn’t she beautiful…?

This photo reminds me of my mother who died 1-1/2 years ago. She was ten years younger than Ann here, but the hair looks just like my mom’s! the glasses too. Anyway, it was a beautiful day today – nice and crisp and breezy. We are going to try to take the dogs to the dog beach this week – maybe Tuesday. Of course I will take my camera with me! I worked a lot on the wedding photos today, aside from this one. I am getting there, it just takes a lot of time to give individual attention to almost 500 photos!


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