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Five Things You Do Not Know About Me

Posted in Huntington Beach, Photography by Bridget Casas on May 29, 2009

I read this somewhere today and it is a tough thing to do. Do you really want to know 5 things about me? Do you really care? Well, I will try to address this topic. Willie and I  are going to dinner tonight in Laguna Beach with some friends at a new restaurant called The Watermark… well, we are back from dinner now and we had a great time! The food was good but the company was even better. The restaurant has what they call a “grazing menu.”  I had the halibut and it was a little dry but the artichoke risotto was delicious!


 Does this show you what a different exposure time will do…?

Well, here are the 5 things: Item#1, I am a grazer. I find that a better way to eat and easier way for me to function. I thought it rather cool that the restaurant used this term on their menu. I guess Item #2 will be that I am only 5 feet tall, if that much. I took many of those wedding photos standing on a step ladder. Item #3 is that I love to drive my MGB really fast, especially in the mountains.  Item #4:  I was an English major in college. I went to CSULB (California State University at Long Beach). Item #5:  I used to be a big American  Bandstand fan in the early 60’s and my dream was to go to Philadelphia to meet “the regulars” and dance on the show!  I was done with the show long before Dick Clark brought the show to LA . It got really bad!


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