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I Now Present the Bride and Groom

Posted in Family, Personal, Photography by Bridget Casas on May 25, 2009

I wanted to show you this one last photo from the wedding. Aren’t they a very happy couple? They are so sweet together and so very much in love. It was such a joy being around them all day. I have a lot of photos to go through and I will start in two days as soon as school is over. I hope you have enjoyed these few wedding photos I have shared with you.


Sophia and Ryan Monise…

There was a little chill in the air today. It is hard to tell from one day to the next what the weather will be like. The dogs seemed glad we were home all day. We watched the Dodger game while I was doing some more work on my website. We didn’t do anything special today, but it is just nice to be together. We are watching The Curious Case of Benjamin Button now. We are both enjoying it, at least I think Willie is. I have my last photography assignment to complete tomorrow, then to class for the last time in the evening. Hope you had a good long week-end!



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