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Here Are Kyla and Donnan

Posted in Family, Personal, Photography by Bridget Casas on May 18, 2009

I took this photo of the dogs the other day when we were up in Pasadena. They like riding in the car and they seem very comfortable in their cage. This is them after a 45 minute ride up the 405, 605 and 210 Freeways to the shop. They were anxious to get out and have some water. Willie took them for a little walk, while I took some photos of the MGB and spoke with my brother and nephew. The dogs do look quite different since their haircut!


Donnan and Kyla left to right…

I have been so busy finishing up my school work that I have not been out to take any photographs. I do apologize and that will change very soon! I need to take some photos tomorrow for a panorama for class, so I will be out for sure! It was a nice day today. Willie was gone most of the day and I was working at the computer. I went outside with the dogs a few times for a little break, and it was very pleasant. They seem a little bored when Willie is not here. As I think I have said before, he is the “fun” parent and I am the “strict” one. They do respect me and listen to me more than they do Willie, so that is ok with me!



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