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Cute Little Snail in Pasadena

Posted in Photography by Bridget Casas on May 14, 2009

This is an image I took the other day at the Pasadena City Hall. Isn’t it a cute little fountain? They have a lot of fountains, including one that looks like a totem pole, and another with a turtle and a frog! They are all very cute and very clever. I like this one the best. I do not have a polarizing filter for my wide angle lens (that is an investment I need to make) so you cannot see all of the coins that were in the fountain, but I am happy with the results.















A fountain at Pasadena City Hall….

Did you see in the paper today how Schwarzenegger wants to sell off a lot of California’s landmarks to help the budget deficit? I was very surprised. What is he doing? Oh, well. I have worked most of the day on revamping my website, looking at, learning about spry widgets, etc. It is a lot for my brain to take in! But I am getting there. Going to Pasadena again tomorrow to pick up Larry’s truck. Do all parents have to do this stuff for their 40 year old children? We will get the tires for the MG next week and soon it will be ready to drive. I cannot wait! The paint job looks great! What fun we will have!


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