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A Study in Perspective

Posted in Huntington Beach, Photography, School by Bridget Casas on May 13, 2009

This was a difficult project. I took this photo here in Huntington Beach up on Center Drive. It was for a study in perspective. I think I chose a difficult building to work on. If you are a photographer, you will know how impossible it is to take a photo of a tall building, from ground level with full perspective and straight lines. So, the object was to straighten it out in Photoshop, using lens distortion and transform warp. I worked on it a lot and it is still not perfect. Please do not put a ruler to it! I am done working on this particular subject but I have learned a lot and used it on other photos.


A photo taken in early morning…

I was at my advanced web class tonight. I am not quite finished with the revamping of my website. I will be making a few changes but nothing drastic. I hope you will like it when I am finished. I thought school was over next week but there are two more weeks. Pot luck in class next week! We will be going up to Pasadena again on Friday and I want to take some more photos. I want to do a panorama at the City Hall court yard. We will see what I can do when I get there!



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