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Movie Poster Project

Posted in Huntington Beach, Photography, School by Bridget Casas on May 7, 2009

Here is another photo from yesterday’s Fine Art Open House at Golden West College. This is all five movie posters. I already showed you the one that I worked on. Unfortunately, there are two bright tungsten lights shining on two of them and parts of the images are blown out. I put my recovery in raw at 100%, but it was still not enough. The poster on the far left is one Jason (the instructor) did to show some photos taken during the shoot (I already showed you one of them) and everyone’s name. I do not think anyone really cared but I guess it is something the teachers have to do!


 These are all great movies…

I met up with my nephew Ryan and his fiancee Sophia this morning. I am going to do the photography for their wedding and they wanted to show me around. It is at a very nice country club and it will be a beautiful ceremony, outside in a gazebo. I appreciate them letting me do it for them. It will be fun, but it is a lot of responsibility. Willie, of course will help me! Did I tell you that I am thinking of starting another weblog? It will be from Kyla and Donnan. I am thinking of calling it a “Clog” – that stands for canine blog. What do you think?



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