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Golden West College Fine Arts Open House

Posted in Huntington Beach, Photography, School by Bridget Casas on May 6, 2009

Here is one image I took today at the open house.  It is amazing how much talent and brilliance there is at one little community college in Huntington Beach. Willie went with me early today to walk around. We went to the ceramics, sculpture, photography and many other classrooms. I particularly liked these pieces of clay in the ceramics department.  I am not sure of the students name, which I should have paid more attention to. It was great walking around and seeing all of the art work. I never saw any jewelry though. Where was it?


A pair of beautiful ceramic pieces…

They used to have a “student show” in the gallery one semester per year, but it was more restrictive. This open house showed everyone’s work and it was great.  There were many people there, but I hope the other students took advantage and saw some of the work the other fine arts students are doing. It was very impressive. Years ago I took a ceramics class and “threw on the  wheel.” Seeing some of the students tonight, it made me want to take a ceramics class next semester. My little salad bowls and ashtrays were very juvenile compared to what I saw tonight!




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