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More Urban Grunge

Posted in Huntington Beach, Photography by Bridget Casas on May 5, 2009

This is number three, or is it number four, in the series on urban grunge in Huntington Beach. How would you like this next to your house where the kids play?  There used to be a grammar school across the street and then it became Little League playing fields – now it is a Lowe’s. But there are still many houses around. I was out this morning taking some photos for class and came across this. Next I will photograph some of the old oil pumps. What a beautiful city Huntington Beach is!


A danger sign and barbed wire…

Willie is in Long Beach all day at Larry’s condo while some worker’s are making repairs. Nice of him to just sit there all day! I hope class is good and productive tonight. Tomorrow there is a Fine Art Open House at the school. There will be a lot of things on display from all the different classes: oil painting, digital arts, ceramics, photography, sculpture, etc. I have a class so I hope I get a chance to look around some. The weather is warming up – you can tell summer is on it’s way. Hope your week is going good. Please check back tomorrow for another new photo!



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