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Will It Return to the Earth?

Posted in Photography by Bridget Casas on May 3, 2009

This is a piece of farm equipment, probably from the early 1900’s that was used in the orchards and gardens at the Kellogg house (now Heritage House Museum) in Santa Ana. It is not too far from that Dodge I showed you two days ago. I got a comment from a fellow photographer who said I should try the Dodge in sepia. I decided to give this rusty piece some new color and life and I did some extra sharpening to make the rust stand out more. How do you think it worked?


I bet this was pulled by a mule or a horse at one time…

What do you think of my new theme? It seems that my images are showing a little bigger than with the old one. This particular theme was designed for journalists, but I like it’s simplicity- it works well for me. Today is a gorgeous day in Huntington Beach. The Dodger’s swept the Padre’s today, I spoke with Larry and we made our plans for Mother’s Day next week, and Willie is going to start dinner for us.  All is pretty good right now. Have a good week and please check back tomorrow!



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