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What is Going On With These Dogs?

Posted in Family, Photography by Bridget Casas on April 22, 2009

I am very confused by the way Kyla and Donnan are behaving. As I told you yesterday, they got all of their hair cut off. It is very short, as you can tell by the photo of Kyla. They are acting so strangely. At first they did not recognize each other and growled a lot. Now they are rolling around and sniffing each other a lot or staying in the den curled up in a ball sleeping. They seem rather sad. Is it because they do not like their hair-cut? Are they self-conscious about how they look? Have they lost their self-esteem? Does anyone know about dog psychology and how this change might affect them? 


Donnan looks just like her minus the bows…

When we picked them up, all we could do was laugh and remember that hair does grow! They must feel better. They had too much hair (My Frolicking Dogs) and a lot of mats that needed to be removed. Willie and I like the long hair but it is so much work for me and he will not brush them. It does not take long for the mats to get out of hand. When they get a mat, they chew on it which makes it worse and makes it pull on their skin. I didn’t want to cause them more pain by pulling on them or trying to brush them out. I guess you can tell that I feel somewhat guilty about this. I told them that it will not happen again!



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