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A Koi Pond in Newport Beach

Posted in Photography by Bridget Casas on April 17, 2009

 There is a large Koi pond in the middle of Fashion Island in Newport Beach. I was there yesterday with my good friend Carol (I already told you about our visit).  I did not have my polarizing filter with me so I was lucky I was able to get a photo of this one Koi. There are very many swimming around and also some beautiful fountains (you can see one here). It was a nice day and there were a lot of people enjoying the spring weather. I had a very nice drive home on Pacific Coast Highway.


 A great spring day in Newport Beach…

I took Kyla to the dog park today. She had a lot of fun and there were a lot of dogs there! Willie took Donnan for a walk while we were playing. I cannot take him there – he is too out of control. But I will not write about that again! A groomer came by this morning to check them out for me and see what needs to be done to them. We decided to cut off all of their hair and give them a new start (of course I will take a photo). It will be good for them for the summer – they will just be unrecognizable for a while! Have a good week-end; I will have a very busy one!