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Los Angeles City Hall

Posted in Photography by Bridget Casas on April 14, 2009

Willie and I were in downtown LA recently to take some photographs at night. We took some photos around the Disney Hall and then I liked the way City Hall looked. Using my tripod and telephoto lens, I took some photos of the City Hall Building. It used to be the tallest building and a landmark in downtown Los Angeles. It is still a landmark but it is dwarfed by all the other newer buildings around. I am sure all of you have seen it – if not in person then in a plethora of movies and TV shows.


Los Angeles City Hall…

I just found out we do not have class tonight. I know the instructor’s wife is having a baby due next week, so maybe it is a little early.  I will find out next week. I do not like it when a class is cancelled. I feel I am being cheated! Larry and Shelley are back from Mammoth. I will check the website to see if they put some new photos on their site. I took my client his soy candle photos yesterday. I told him I would put a link up when he gets his website going. I like the way this photograph looks in black and white. I am very happy with it! Thank you for stopping by and  taking a look at my photos!