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Makenzie at Blue Skeye

Posted in Personal, Photography by Bridget Casas on April 13, 2009

Here is another casual portrait shot. Makenzie was filling up a water bowl for the chicken! I turned to look at her and loved the way the sun was shining on her hair and the shadows it created. Robin and I have been friends since we were little babies. Makenzie looks so much like Robin as a young girl. Especially the long blond hair and the smile on her face. I hope Robin and Lori (Makenzie’s mom) like this photo as much as I do.


A young girls chores are never finished… 

About two weeks ago I showed you a photo I took at school to document what we were working on that night. Well, last week in class we finished up our movie poster project and I added a small image of it to that post. It is fun to see how and where we shot it and then the final result. It is our final group project and I must say that I am not sorry for that! It was ok, but I think most of us prefer to work on our own. I am going to go through my photo galleries and make some links on the images that could be considered a series or a project. Have a good week – mine will be very busy!