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Look at What the Light is Doing!

Posted in Photography by Bridget Casas on April 5, 2009

I love to photograph light in different situations. Two of my favorites are shadows and reflections. Well, this photo was taken in bright sunlight on a white board, shooting the reflection of a round piece of orange crystal “candy.” I guess it could be interpreted as many other things if you didn’t know! I thought it was interesting, though rather uneventful or spectacular. I guess one of these days I need to decide what I want to photograph. I am all over the board!


What is this strange formation…?

Anyway, it is a rather odd photograph. Maybe I should have chosen something else! Once I get this far I don’t make any changes – I am committed. I believe there have been a few times I should not have been so committed! It is an absolutely gorgeous day today. I hope the rest of the week is just as nice. But now I see there may be rain on Tuesday! Where does this come from? My spring break is over and it is back to school this week. Did I accomplish much? I don’t think so. Have a good week.



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