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More Shadows and Texture

Posted in Huntington Beach, Photography by Bridget Casas on March 30, 2009

I was at Central Park earlier and I wanted to catch some morning shadows. I caught a few, plus many different textures! I liked this photo because of the contrast, along with the foregound, middle and background. It leads you down the path around the tree – do you want to know where it goes? It was a great morning at the park. Again, many people  taking advantage of the nice weather. I like to go off by myself to take photos but I really need Willie as my motivator. He always has  good suggestions.


Checking out the “jungle” trail at Central Park…

Willie is always wanting to learn more about taking photos. I tell him he needs to read his manual and discover what the camera can do. But like so many other people, he doesn’t want to learn that way! We were talking about the continuous shooting mode on his camera this morning. He said, “If I had known about that, I could have taken better pictures at the races a few weeks ago! That is what I was trying to do!” You know what I said to him? “Read your manual!” It is good advice for everybody – my teacher on Saturday morning keeps telling us that!



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