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A Windy Afternoon at Central Park

Posted in Huntington Beach, Photography by Bridget Casas on March 23, 2009

We were at the park again today on the west side. They have a big lake there that actually has some water in it! Not like on the east side of the park where they only have water right after a rain. It was so windy and you can see the ripple in the water and the tall grass blowing. There were a lot of people there taking advantage of the afternoon sunshine. Kyla and Donnan enjoyed it also, along with Willie and me. It was after 5:00 P.M. when I took this photo so it was getting quite chilly.


Winter afternoon at Central Park…

There are a few ducks in this photo and you can see (if you look closely) where the bridal trail is in the back. Kyla loves seeing the horses when they ride by.  I was supposed to meet with my broker today but we changed it to tomorrow morning. We  need to get ourselves organized and get some work done. Then I have class tomorrow night so it will be a busy day. I have nothing for class, so I guess I will let my group down and get an “F” for tomorrow.  I think my photo for today is rather blah – I am sorry and I will do better tomorrow.



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