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Do You Need to Make a Phone Call?

Posted in Photography by Bridget Casas on March 15, 2009

Yesterday I was at this British “pub” in Santa Ana. It reminded me of when I was in Ireland and I bet it would bring back memories to Larry and Shelley of their recent trip to Scotland. I was there for a memorial gathering for a former school mate who recently died of cancer. This phone booth was out in the back and I needed to stand by the dumpster to take the photograph!I do not know if it is coming or going!


This needs a little work…!

It was a great place. I looked at their menu and I would like to go soon with Willie, Larry and Shelley for dinner.  We would have fun! I was busy today taking the photos for my new clients web site. They came out good and I think he will be happy with them. Larry and Shelley had a good time up at Mammoth. How could you not? It was kind of chilly today in the low 60’s. But I know it will start getting a lot warmer soon and then I  can start complaining about how hot it is!




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