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I Am Trying Something New

Posted in Personal, Photography by Bridget Casas on March 4, 2009

After speaking with my instructor last night, we decided it is time I try something new and move to another level of photography. He said I am very good at what I do but I need to go somewhere else with my photography. This is my first attempt at trying to do photography consciously as a piece of “art” – if that is the right word and that makes sense. For my first attempt, it could be a lot worse!


I spent hours creating this…

I was trying to incorporate a few design elements we talked about in class last night. It was a challenge but I did have Willie to hold the ladder and help clean all of the rocks!  I like the colors and it is great that I was able to use items that we have collected and come from all over the world. I did not get a rock from Scotland – I better speak with them about it! The sun is shining right now, but earlier when I was working on this, it was pouring down rain! I did this under the patio cover in the back yard. Well, I need to get ready for my other class tonight!



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