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Pink Blossoms on Fire

Posted in Huntington Beach, Photography by Bridget Casas on March 3, 2009

Aren’t these pink blossoms gorgeous? I was at Central Park this morning and all of these trees are starting to bloom. It was a very clear morning and the sky was beautiful. I took some other photos for my classes but I wanted to share this one on my weblog. All of the water is gone in the center lake so I was glad I got that photograph with the ducks a couple of weeks ago. Everything was so green and pretty and there were many people out enjoying the Spring weather.


Bright sun shining on the pink blossoms…

I have class tonight in exactly three hours.  I still need to go take a few more photos for our group project. Since I need to go close to the school, I may just leave early and do it then. Kyla and Donnan are enjoying the nice weather today. That is good because it looks like it could rain again tomorrow. I hear Willie walking around the house but I do not know what he is doing – I am sure it is something very constructive! I hope you are having some Spring weather wherever you are!


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