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New Blooms on a White Geranium

Posted in Photography by Bridget Casas on March 1, 2009

I have been waiting for these flowers to bloom for a while now. A white geranium is so pretty and I haven’t seen any in a while. The rest of the cluster will start blooming soon. As you can probably tell, I did this with a close-up filter, +4, which I enjoy using. Maybe I should look into buying a good macro lens? Anyway, this photo is the first one I have posted here that is shot in Camera Raw. There are so many adjustments you need to make I was not quite sure what to do! I will study at for the knowledge I need.


White geranium cluster…

This post starts a brand new month of images. Did you notice that I went the whole month of February without one photo of Kyla or Donnan? I will do one of them soon. They just do not cooperate! It is such a gorgeous day here today. The temperature is in the mid 70’s and there is a very nice breeze. The breeze made it more difficult to take the photo! Somehow my weather widget says it is going to rain tomorrow! Doesn’t make any sense! Willie just told me this photo doesn’t make any sense.


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