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Crystal Candy

Posted in Personal, Photography by Bridget Casas on February 24, 2009

I decided to shoot a photo with some beautiful pieces of crystal shaped like candy. My mother gave these to me years ago along with a beautiful Waterford bowl. There are other colors of candies such as red, purple, orange and yellow, but these are my favorites. Larry has given me a few also. I did a close-up and you can even see some air bubbles in them.  I used my +1 close-up filter,  1/50 at f25  so it would all be in focus. I hope it works for you. I am not crazy about the white at the top.


Beautiful pieces of crystal…

I shot this on a white mat board outside. It was not as sunny as I would have liked. It is rather overcast and cool right now. My photography class is tonight. I wonder what we will learn? We have a group project we are working on and we will meet tonight. I have taken a few photos for the project and I am sure the others have also. I have some photos to take for my Saturday class too.  Anyway, I guess that is enough for now!


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