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A Lake at Central Park

Posted in Huntington Beach, Photography by Bridget Casas on February 19, 2009

This photograph shows the ducks having a good time on the lake. They are swimming around and creating the ripples in the water. I really liked the reflections in the water of the clouds and the trees. The ripples help show them off. Right before I took this photo there was a mother and little kid feeding the ducks so that is why they are all over on the other side. It was a beautiful day at the park!


A fun-filled morning at Central Park…

There is a little restaurant at the park called the Park Cafe. There is only outdoor seating so there are always people there with their dogs. In all these years, we have never eaten there. I was looking at the menu yesterday and I would like to go for breakfast sometime. I think we will wait until the weather warms up! Class was good last night. We are learning how to work in CSS (cascading style sheets) and it is almost like a whole new language! Have a good day because I know I will!



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