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Look What We Woke Up To This Morning!

Posted in Huntington Beach, Personal by Bridget Casas on February 17, 2009

Along with pouring rain, which has been quite common lately, we woke up to these beautiful daffodils this morning. I know this is kind of corny, but the flowers are so pretty! Our neighbor gave this plant to Willie on Saturday. I did not expect it to bloom for several weeks so you can imagine my shock when I walked into the dining room and there were two full blooms! I was just looking at it last night and did not imagine this. Aren’t they beautiful?


A little preview of Spring…

I like the image and I like the Polaroid transfer effect. It was not what I had planned for today but I could not pass up this opportunity. I think the one on top is going to be blooming by tomorrow or the next day – should I have waited another day? I am looking forward to my class tonight and I sure do hope the teacher shows up! The sun is shining now but there are still many rain clouds. Willie took the dogs for a long walk last night and then we had a great dinner and a very nice evening. What will tomorrow be like?


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