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This Is My Mother’s Light Meter!

Posted in Personal, Photography by Bridget Casas on February 16, 2009

I was looking around for something to photograph with my macro lens filter.  I have had this for years but have never used it. You photographers should know what it is – it is a light meter. My mother and father first used it in the 1950’s with their Argus camera. My mother used to take a lot of slides. She always enjoyed taking pictures at the car races and all holidays and family events. We got her a Polaroid camera that she used for years. We eventually got her a digital camera but she did not feel comfortable with it.  She never understood how a digital camera worked!


A Weston Master II Universal Exposure  Meter… 

My mother was always very happy with my interest in photography. I believe she was my biggest fan! I could always rely on an honest assessment. We did not make it to Carol and Bill’s last night. I am sorry because I was looking forward to it. Unfortunately my stomach started acting up and I wasn’t comfortable going. I took a stomach pill and layed down for a while. We will get together soon! I want to get together with Carol and take some photographs and get an update on the dog training. Until tomorrow!




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