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Black and White Macro

Posted in Photography, School by Bridget Casas on February 15, 2009

Yesterday I showed you depth of field, today I present a macro photograph. The object is that you will need to look at it for a moment or two before you know what it is. Is it working? I took this photograph with my +4 macro filter in my backyard. The dogs were curious about what I was doing. They are very, very nosy! As you can see, there is very little depth of field. Maybe yesterday’s photo and today’s should be shown together!


A macro photograph of…?

We are waiting for another rain storm to hit us. It rained some Friday afternoon and then yesterday was sunny but chilly. Now it is starting to cloud up again.  We are going down to Laguna Niguel later today to see Carol and Bill. Hopefully it will not rain until after we get home because we will need to leave the dogs outside. I think tomorrow is considered a holiday – have a good day if you get it off!



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