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A Depth of Field Challenge

Posted in Photography, School by Bridget Casas on February 14, 2009

Here I am with some more rocks, lining them up to attempt to get a complete depth of field. I think I accomplished it. I had to take a lot of images to get the focus the best I could and the spacing right so all the rocks would look the same distance apart. I have another image with no depth of field that just shows the third rock in focus. However, I did not want to bore you with that image.


A perfect example of depth of field…

I am sorry my post is late this Saturday afternoon. I have been working on this image for quite a while. I tried it indoors and outdoors with the rocks on a mirror but I then settled on inside with this white board. Today is Valentine’s Day. Larry and Shelley (the newlyweds) went down to Laguna Beach for a nice afternoon. Willie and I have done nothing and I don’t even know what we are having for dinner!  The dogs are sleeping and look very comfortable. We are getting ready for a late lunch and a nap sounds very good after that!



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